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Butchers Blocks, Chopping Boards & Cutting Boards by Row & Sons

Row & Sons were established in 1880 as a manufacturer of Butchers Blocks in the South of England. The skills acquired during those early years have been further developed and passed down from generation to generation. Not only have the skills grown, but the product range too, now including food cutting boards, chopping and serving boards.

Working with both wood and plastic, our craftsmen understand the possibilities that our materials hold, always happy to work with our customer to produce new and innovative ideas. Row & Sons introduced the colour coded system into the UK market in the 1970’s which is still used today, to identify the correct coloured board for food produce. Innovation, design and creativity are integral part of everyday life at Row & Sons.
Wood should be crafted with care, knowledge and an understanding of its environmental requirements. As a UK manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the finish of every product that leaves our workshop floor and the knowledge that has been obtained over many years. Each product is quality inspected by our team before they leave our premises. Care instructions are provided with every product to help customers in the care of their products.
Not only do we produce ‘standard’ catalogue products, but we can customise our products to your specifications or create a product that is truly unique to you. If you have a special requirement then we can work with you to create a tailor made board. Our craftsmen and sales team will help you from start to finish to create a bespoke, custom made surface.

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