Wooden Chopping Boards

Take a look through our range of wooden chopping boards. Available in a variety of styles and woods. Every board is built in the UK and made to last.

Wooden Chopping Boards for Professional Chefs & Commercial Kitchens

Established in 1880, we have been manufacturing quality hardwood chopping boards and chopping blocks using traditional methods for over 100 years, ensuring the highest quality products that will last for many years.

Our Personalised Chopping Boards are manufactured from specially selected hardwoods and are carefully crafted, individually and by hand.

Every single wood chopping board we make is designed with the professional chef and commercial kitchen in mind; however our unique, hardwood chopping board products are now becoming increasingly popular in domestic kitchens across the UK.

From small wooden fruit chopping boards and round cheese cutting boards with wires, through to large and extra-large circular chopping boards for pizzas and bread cutting, our professional chopping board products and wooden serving boards are perfect for multiple uses, ranging from food preparation at the back of house, through to contemporary culinary presentation at the front of house in any catering environment or establishment.

Wooden Carving Boards and Large Wooden Chopping Blocks

We skilfully manufacture each of our personalised wooden chopping boards ourselves, in our Colchester based factory, from a range of hardwoods including Canadian Rock Maple, Oak and Beech.  These are all featured in the product range images below.

Although Row & Sons originally started primarily as a manufacturer and supplier of large, traditional butchers chopping blocks, our experienced craftsmen have since put their skills to wider use and are now capable of producing a wide variety of both standard and custom made products.

Being a professional chopping board manufacturer we can also cater to bespoke kitchen and front of house requirements using other quality materials such as Maple, Iroko and Walnut when producing your bespoke wooden chopping boards.

Popular Wood Chopping Board and Cutting Block Types

Chefs end grain chef chopping boards are created from 2” thick end grain Maple, designed for lighter professional kitchen work. The chef end grain chopping board range presents a traditional look with country charm in the home kitchen.

Our Bespoke Hardwood Chopping Board Design Service

Can’t see what you are looking for?  Contact our sales team and we will be happy to offer you bespoke size and design options on any personalised chopping board or butchers block.  Telephone 01206 396688 or email [email protected].

Whether you are looking for a custom made, extra-large wooden chopping board for a busy kitchen department, brand personalised chopping boards for your food serving establishment, or a one-off traditional rustic chopping board made from wood or plastic with an effected finish, the team at Row & Sons are always available to turn your vision into a reality.

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