Butchers Blocks

We have been traditional UK butchers block manufacturers and suppliers since 1880 and our best-selling professional grade, end grain butcher blocks are made from Canadian Rock Maple which offers superior performance and an ultra- long lifespan. Our traditional chopping blocks are handmade by experienced craftsmen, here in the UK. We provide a superb choice of hardwood materials which are kind to knives whilst offering natural antibacterial properties. However, we do recommend that you select the Canadian Rock Maple, as this truly is the most superior wood and the most fit for purpose.

Wooden Butchers Block & Chopping Block Products

On our website, you will find lots of useful information on our extensive range of end grain maple and oak wood butchers block products, which are all manufactured from specially selected, FSC certified hardwoods. Each large butchers block we build is carefully crafted by hand and designed to withstand the most demanding professional kitchen environment for unrivalled strength and peace of mind.

Based in Colchester and established towards the end of the 19th century, Row & Sons have manufactured and supplied commercial quality butchers blocks and wooden chopping boards for almost 140 years.

Best Quality Butchers Blocks

As we only supply the market with superior quality items, our butcher blocks and bespoke wooden chopping blocks are always manufactured from the best end grain hardwoods. Whereas most cheap butcher blocks, which are made from less expensive side grain wood materials, are easily damaged and short lived, a bespoke vintage styled butcher block from Row & Sons is built to last and will provide years of outstanding service and hardworking performance.

Our products are subjected to a rigorous testing and inspecting procedure before gaining the Row & Sons seal of approval prior to dispatch. At Row & Sons, we clearly understand that when you buy a professional butchers block or industrial food chopping block for your kitchen, you are making a valuable investment for the future. For this reason, we always strive to manufacture superior quality products that will always withstand the test of time.

Custom Made Butchers Blocks

Our custom made, freestanding end grain butchers blocks will remain unaffected by the everyday usage of sharp cutting tools and the heavy chopping motions that are necessary when hacking through thick bones and tough cuts of meat. When you are using an industrial wood butchers block from Row & Sons, the knife edge can freely penetrate the wood without damaging the fibres.

Made to measure, we can supply modern butchers blocks in a full range of sizes, from small and compact, through to standard commercial dimensions and extra- large chopping blocks and boards.

Every butcher block we supply is manufactured traditionally, handcrafted with expert care and knowledge whilst using the best quality materials available.

Hygiene Food Standards

Our traditional oak and maple end grain chopping blocks are also antibacterial and there are several scientific papers which have been published online that confirm this to be the case.

After a hard day’s work, laboratory test have shown that harmful bacteria such as E Coli actually die out when present on a wooden chopping surface. This occurs naturally and within a matter of hours or minutes, as bacteria are unable to breed once they are embedded in the wooden cutting surface.

End grain wood butchers blocks and chopping boards are produced using hardwoods, specially selected from sustainable sources. All timber used is FSC Certified and is seasoned and kiln dried under our very strict supervision.

Hardwood Butchers Blocks

We currently manufacture wooden butchers blocks from a range of hardwood types including Iroko, Oak, Walnut and Beech, with Canadian Rock Maple End Grain being the traditional industry standard. As we manufacture our premium grade maple butchers blocks and cutting boards ourselves, we are also able to offer a bespoke design service.

Our custom made butcher blocks are built to your exact specifications and crafted from any hardwood material you prefer. Popular options include our reversible maple butchers blocks and our traditional round chopping blocks for chefs.

Popular Products Purchased With Butchers Blocks

When purchasing a bespoke butchers block or wooden chopping board from Row & Sons, you can also order a compatible alloy or stainless steel meat preparation table from our UK factory that will match your product seamlessly.

Other useful products and accessories include our mobile butchers trolleys with drawers and our stainless steel knife racks, which are designed to be attached to your chopping block or food preparation table.

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