Roweca Steak Boards

Designed for use in busy restaurants, where presentation and functionality are of paramount importance, our large steak boards and wood serving plates are made from Roweca, which is a highly durable material that is lightweight, heat resistant and virtually unbreakable. Suitable for everyday use, these high quality wooden steak boards are not susceptible to staining and are easy to move around and carry food on in a busy catering environment.

As Roweca is a knife friendly material, you can even use these food serving boards as a steak cutting board before serving food on them to your loyal customers.  Easy to clean, without the need of harmful substances such as bleach, our Roweca steak boards and large steak plates are virtually maintenance free and, as with all Roweca Food serving boards, they are even safe to put in the dishwasher.

High Quality Wood Steak Plates for Sale

At Row & Sons, we have been in the business of supplying high quality wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards for well over a century.  We also offer front of house products which are tastefully designed and completely practical.

As well as offering a wide choice of square and round steak boards and additional serving board products, such as wooden pizza paddles and cheese boards (which are available in a standard range of shapes and sizes), we also have the ability to create bespoke products.

Whether you are looking for a personalised steakboard or you are looking to buy a selection of logo engraved steak presentation plates that have been cut to a design of your choice for use in a restaurant or steakhouse environment, our sales team and skilled craftsmen can create the perfect product on your behalf.

Simply get in touch and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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