Roweca Standard Serving Boards

Our range of Roweca serving boards are customisable, knife, and dishwasher friendly, making them hygienic. Take a look through our range to find a Roweca serving board to suit you

Wooden Food Serving Boards

Roweca standard food preparation and serving boards from Row & Sons are individually crafted with rounded edges and finger holes for ease of use and convenience. 

Our multi-purpose food boards are the perfect alternative to plates and are suitable for food preparation and presentation. 

The Roweca serving boards are available in two finishes. Choose from either the black or natural colour finish. These can be personalise with logo and company name as desired, contact us for further details.

Heat Resistant and Dishwasher Proof Food Presentation Boards

Roweca food serving boards are completely dishwasher safe.  Each board is manufactured from NF material, which is a lightweight, eco-friendly material made from natural wood fibres.

Similar to traditional wood in terms of appearance, our dishwasher friendly Roweca food presentation boards and plates are heat resistant and can easily withstand temperatures up to 176°C.

Another advantage of Roweca is that it is a knife friendly material. This is ideal for back of house food preparation, as you can cut, chop and slice food directly on the serving board itself without damaging your valuable chefs knives.

If you opt for the natural coloured range of food serving boards that we offer, your customers will not be able to notice the difference between Roweca and traditional wooden serving plates or serving boards.

Additional Wooden Serving Board Products and Services

Other products in our Roweca collection include our pizza boards and our steak boards which can be used as serving platters.

At Row & Sons, we also specialise in the supply of bespoke food presentation items and are capable of crafting any wooden or plastic serving platter you require in an extensive choice of shapes, sizes and finishes.

If you have a particular idea for a custom made, large or small wooden serving board then we can create it for you.  Simply call the sales team and they will be happy to discuss the available options with you, guiding you through the entire process from start to finish.

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