Polyethylene Rowplas Twin Stripe

Another member of the Rowplas family, these colour coded cutting boards feature a strip of colour to indicate their use. For further information contact the sales office on 01206 396688.

Rowplas Twin Stripe cutting boards are plain white coloured food chopping boards that feature a single colour coded stripe on the side which helps distinguish which boards are used to cut and prepare various types of food.

This is a common method preventing cross contamination in food preparation areas such as restaurant and commercial kitchens.

Our Twin Stripe Rowplas food chopping and cutting boards are available in a full range of 6 different coloured stripes – which are brown, white, green, blue, yellow and red.

Made from high density polyethylene, Rowplas Twin Stripe boards are highly durable as well as slip and heat resistant.

The material is also knife friendly and dishwasher safe for added convenience and additional peace of mind.

The plain white surface means that any dirt and food debris remains clearly visible so that easily see when the boards need cleaning.

Different colour striped boards are available for the individual and separated preparation of raw and cooked meats, fish, salad & fruit, vegetables and foods that have been oven baked.

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