Polyethylene Rowplas Table Tops and Blocks

Available in the traditional colour coded range of colours, the Rowplas table tops and blocks are manufactured using high density polyethylene. Call us to enquire about the available sizes and thicknesses on 01206 396688.

Rowplas Table Tops and Chopping Blocks are high density, large size cutting boards that are cut from large, compression moulded sheets of polyethylene and then sized into various lengths and thicknesses.

Available in a range of standard sizes, our Rowplas table tops and block shaped food cutting surfaces can also be supplied in any made to measure size you require.

There is currently a choice of 2 different colours – these are white and dark red.

When you order a standard, or custom, sized Rowplas table top or chopping block from Row & Sons, you can also purchase a separately available stand, as shown in the illustration above.

Offering strong and reliable support for heavy duty chopping and food cutting in busy commercial kitchen environments, the alloy and stainless steel table stands that we supply can also be made to measure to fit your existing table tops.

The perfect choice for local butchers, food preparation areas in busy supermarkets and meat production facilities.

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