Polyethylene Rowplas Boards

Colour coded cutting boards were first introduced to the UK market by Row & Sons in the 1970's. They are one of the most practical solutions available for those seeking to avoid cross contamination of food products in modern kitchen facilities and busy catering environments.

Multi Coloured, Knife Friendly Cutting Boards and Chopping Blocks

Although Row & Sons originally started out making custom sized butcher blocks with wood in the 1880’s, with the introduction of plastic in the uk, we could see the benefits associated with using thick plastic for the manufacture of durable chopping boards once the right materials came along.

Always at the forefront of innovation, our skilled craftsmen and product design experts realized that they could produce thick plastic, colour coded chopping boards that could easily be used to prevent bacteria spreading from one type of food to another at a glance.

Rowplas is the ideal choice of plastic chopping board material as it can be produced in a wide range of colours.

It is also a knife friendly material, which means your cutting and chopping tools will last considerably longer without the need to be constantly replaced.

The catalogue of colours and finishes available includes simple black, white and cutting boards, through to different coloured chopping boards such as red, green, blue and yellow. 

Different coloured chopping boards are useful when you are working with different food types in the kitchen.  By using a colour coded chopping board poster and washing your hands thoroughly when switching from one type of food to the next, you can avoid cross contamination easily. 

This is vital when working with foods such as raw and cooked meats including poultry, beef and lamb, as dangerous bacteria can spread easily in a kitchen environment when dealing with different foods and this can cause serious illness if care is not taken.

Benefits of Rowplas Food Chopping Boards

The Rowplas boards we supply are durable and resistant to moderate heat and bacteria. In addition to colour coded food cutting boards, which include our recently introduced Rowplas Magenta board, which  can be used as an allergen free area, we also stock a selection of granite and marble effect chopping board products which are exceptionally tasteful and available in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes.

Our most popular options include Marble, Granit, Granilen and Marmor effect finishes.  We supply both small and extra large plastic food cutting boards made from this antibacterial material, these are available in dark red or white colour. Additionally, we are also able to supply made to measure Rowplas table tops and work surfaces.

In addition to our standard choice of shapes, styles, sizes and finishes, we are also able to provide bespoke plastic cutting boards made precisely to your requirements. 

Our bespoke plastic chopping boards can even be personalised so that they feature your catering business logo or are engraved with the name of your restaurant.

The Row & Sons Rowplas cheese board range is another exceptionally popular design classic.

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