Polyethylene Cutting Board Accessories

In addition to our range of polyethylene cutting boards, we also supply a variety of accessories which you may find particularly useful. Our cutting board accessories include PVC wall charts and cutting board storage racks with a choice of either 3 or 6 slots featuring either a stainless steel or polyethylene base. Tear off labels are available with certain 6 slot versions, so please check the individual product description page for more details.

Colour Coded Food Safety Wall charts

The colour coded cutting board system was actually introduced to the food preparation market by Row & Sons over 40 years ago.  This innovative system was designed as a means of preventing cross contamination in busy kitchens where different foods are being handled and prepared.

Raw and cooked meats, fish, poultry, raw vegetables, oven baked foods and salad & fruit should always be prepared separately from one another in order to prevent unnecessary illness and food poisoning.  By clearly labelling different food preparation surfaces using an efficient system, chefs and catering staff can easily identify which cutting boards should be used for different food types.

Our colour coded food boards, wall charts and storage rack help to ensure this system is followed correctly without mistakes being made.

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