Polyethylene Boards & Blocks

Polyethylene (HMWPE500) food cutting boards. Compression Moulded & complies with both Plastic in Contact with Foodstuffs Regulations 1996 & EC Directives 89/109/EC & 90/128/EC.

Our Range of Polyethylene Products for High Density Application

Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastic materials in the catering industry.

Our cutting boards and food preparation surfaces are made of polyethylene as this choice of material is of a high density and easily able to withstand heavy use in busy kitchens and heavy duty butchery environments.

Most of the range is designed to follow the colour coded food preparation system which is standard in commercial kitchens.  The colour coded system has recently been expanded with new ‘allergen-free’ product variations in order to fulfil the demand of the public and professionals.

In the illustrated section above, you will find a variety of products that we produce and supply which are all constructed from polyethylene plastic.

These products fall into 5 distinct sections:

  • Cutting Board Accessories
  • Rowplas Boards
  • Rowplas Table Tops and Blocks
  • Rowplas Twin Stripe Cutting Boards
  • Acrylic Food Covers and Presentation Surfaces

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