Butchers Block Stands

Every wood butchers block requires a stand. We can provide either a stainless steel or alloy stand for your block. Hygienic and easy to clean, take a look through our range, or call 01206 396688 for more details.

Steel & Aluminium Butchers Block Stands

Our butchers block stands are manufactured here, in the UK, and constructed from strong, reliable, stainless steel or lightweight yet highly durable aluminium for exceptional performance in any situation.

Most of the wooden butcher block tables we supply are designed exclusively to accommodate our Canadian Rock Maple butchers blocks and will do so with a perfect fit.

To ensure you get the right size stand it is advised to let our team know the measurements of the butchers block or blocks in question, we can then recommend the most suitable stand accordingly.

The Key Benefits of a Row & Sons Butcher Block Worktop

Whether you opt for a large butchers block table top for a busy meat preparation facility, our high performance, premium grade food preparation tables all share the same benefits.

Strong, sturdy and reliable, our butcher block tables are easy to maintain, simple to clean and always built to last.  Our food preparation tables are suitable for all hygiene conscious applications including local butcher shops and large scale commercial or industrial kitchens.

As well as providing a vast range of standard sizes, which you can order by stating the size of your butchers block, we can also supply customer specific designs with bespoke dimensions.  Simply contact our sales office, on 01206 396688, or email your enquiry to [email protected].

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