Alloy Food Preparation Tables

Alloy food preparation tables are available for polyethlene boards & Maple butchers blocks. Available in a range of sizes & with options to add a stainless steel knife rack. For further information call 01206 396688.

Wooden & Stainless Steel Topped Ally Food Preparation Table

We offer a range of alloy food preparation tables which are supplied with wood, plastic or stainless steel tops. Select a product type from the images above to view the product specific details.

Our heavy duty, alloy constructed kitchen table frames are always available directly from stock in a wide variety of standard styles and sizes.

We can also order custom made food preparation tables and block stands which are manufactured to your precise measurements.  These can be supplied with bespoke butchers blocks and cutting surfaces in custom sizes and variations.

Popular materials used in the manufacture of our cutting and chopping blocks include end grain woods, Roweca and tough plastic materials that are designed to provide years of quality service.

At Row & Sons, we also stock a range of useful accessories which can be purchased with or without the tables themselves.

These include wooden butchers blocks, polyethylene chopping boards and optional extras such as the stainless steel knife rack.

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