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In most instances, the collection of £1 million in funds to be donated to charity would make national headlines. Or at least, warrant mentioning by the wider media in general. But when it comes to the young farmers of Great Britain, the public in general rarely hears a word of their extraordinary and important efforts.

From sponsored walks to fashion shows to sales of all kinds, the National Federation for Young Farmers (NFYFC) is seeking to highlight and publicise the hard work and commitment of fundraisers across the country. Set up by young people for young people, the NFYFC provides those with a genuine passion for farming and agriculture with a unique opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

Charity Events and Campaigns

Right now for example, there are at least five extraordinary campaigns underway at the NFYFC – each of which making a real difference both locally and nationally:

  • Countryside Challenge. Encouraging young farmers to support community and environmental projects across the country, backed by the Cabinet Office and Pears Foundation.
  • Rural Plus. A campaign focusing on the importance of providing support and assistance for young people who may experience rural isolation and mental health issues.
  • NFYFC Future Farmers. Providing those with an interest in becoming farmers with the perfect opportunity to both network with current industry contributors and explore training schemes, partnerships and work experience programs.
  • YFC Life Blood. A drive to encourage as many members and young farmers as possible to give something back to the community in a different way – by donating blood. The target being to recruit at least 500 additional blood and organ donors per year to help augment national shortages.
  • Billed by the NFYFC as “the voice of Europe’s next generation of farmers”, this ambitious scheme is dedicated to promoting better working and living conditions for a young, dynamic and innovative new farming generation.

Just five examples of NFYFC campaigns currently in motion, without even touching upon the work of individual YFC clubs with fundraisers and volunteer events taking place throughout our local communities, year on year.  Their efforts supporting local, national and international charities. As far as industry leaders are concerned, this is the kind of community-focused hard work and commitment the Young Farmers of the UK really should be making more of a song and dance about!

Our Contribution

As for us, the team here at Row & Sons likes to think we’re doing our own modest ‘bit’ to support the cause within our sector of the industry. Specifically, we’re donating a percentage of the cost of every product we sell from our efforts to support the Field to Fork campaign, to the local Young Farmers Club. What’s more, we’re actively encouraging our customers, partners, suppliers and contacts across the board to spread the good word about everything Young Farmers are doing and achieving.

They may keep their voices quiet, but with support and guidance from their County Federations, Young Farmers Clubs locally, are achieving hugely positive outcomes across all our communities.  The NFYFC has an extensive and important impact, benefiting the UK farming industry and the wider community. Most importantly, they will continue to do so for future generations.

For more information on how you can support our campaign to celebrate and support Young Farmers Clubs, or to learn more about our products, get in touch with the Row & Sons customer service team today.


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