The Importance of Heavy Focus on UK Trade and Industry Post-Brexit

As one of the UK’s most successful and long-established names in the design, manufacture and supply of premier catering hardware, we’re not afraid to get stuck into the industry issues that matter. In this instance, the importance of post-Brexit industry-commitment on the part of the government. We both welcome and back recent comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May, who stated that the government would “continue to back British farmers” after Brexit takes place, stating that authorities have “already provided guarantees of support for farmers up to 2020.”

Having been in business for more than a century, we’ve seen a great many changes affect the British industry and development along the way. However, none since the Second World War have had the same kinds of ramifications Brexit could have, depending on how it is handled.

Like most, we remain cautious, though continue to hope and believe that the promised commitment on the part of the government is deliverable, as opposed to rhetoric.

On-going Commitment

“The UK’s high standards of food safety and of animal welfare will be a priority…any trade deals we enter into will need to be right for consumers, for businesses, for farmers. We do have an opportunity to build a new future for our food and farming industry when we leave the European Union. We recognise the need for certainty for businesses and we’ve already provided guarantees of support for farmers up to 2020.”Theresa May, UK Prime Minister

While some have painted a picture of doom and gloom for UK’s industry following Brexit, we genuinely believe that it could be a great opportunity for farming and other sectors to thrive. Just this week, the president of the National Farmers’ Union stated that there is every opportunity for a highly successful future.

However, he also highlighted the importance of the government playing its part and keeping its promises.

“To maintain, or even accelerate, British farming’s contribution post-Brexit, we need Government to secure the right trade conditions and access to a competent and reliable workforce in formal negotiations. We’re continuing to push for commitments for when the Treasury’s guarantee comes to a close at the end of 2019. After all, this will be when the UK is operating outside of the EU. The Prime Minster rightfully says we have an opportunity to build a new future for our industry post-Brexit. The NFU’s work on post-Brexit will ensure Government is able to seize this opportunity so the farming sector can thrive.” – National Farmers’ Union president, Meurig Raymond

Business as Usual

As it’s still fundamentally impossible to gauge or even guess the impact of Brexit, it continues to be business as usual for the team here at Row & Sons. Supplying superior-quality catering hardware both at home and worldwide for over 100 years, we’ve come to know the true value of not only commitment, but also hard work and tenacity during difficult times.


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