Farm To Fork – Becky’s Butchers

Beckys Butchers - Field To Fork

Last Month we began our journey from Farm to Fork. We have only scratched the surface on how young farmers support their community and develop their skills in order to become successful in their own businesses.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Becky Robinson. As the owner of Becky’s Butchers, she also works part time as an administrator, continues to pull her weight on her family farm and is a member of the Wix Young Farmers. Becky certainly has early starts and late finishes.

She prides herself on providing a quality service to all of her customers and is passionate about supplying both caterers and local farms with an excellent butchery service.

As a link in the Farm to Fork chain, Becky believes in the value of buying British. She is determined to source all of her own equipment from British manufacturers. This is because she wants to ensure that every point in her own chain reflects her values.

Watch the video to discover more about Becky and her amazing business.

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