Cutting Boards –How to Choose?

Cutting Boards – How to Choose the Ultimate Cutting Board for your Kitchen.

A cutting board is without doubt a crucial tool within any kitchen environment, however, with the vast range of cutting boards it’s difficult to choose the right cutting board that ideally suits you. The many factors regarding your cutting board decision include; Size, Material, Weight, Usage, and Extra Features.

The size of your cutting boards should reflect the size and layout of your kitchen; high scale professional kitchens usually stock one large cutting board for high frequency use plus a couple of small scaled cutting boards for specific foods; e.g. the colour coded range.

Each material used for manufacturing cutting boards provide benefits and drawbacks, and it’s essential that you exploit the advantages of the cutting board you’ll choose; get ting your money’s worth. For example plastic cutting boards are essentially lightweight, dishwasher safe and can be customised into different shapes and colours. If these are features your desire in a cutting board, then a range of colour coded polyethylene boards could be ideal for you.

Cutting boards can be manufactured into a range of weights, depending on material, and the weight of a chopping board is something you need to consider before purchasing. If you look to be moving your cutting boards around the kitchen frequently then heavy wooden blocks wouldn’t be ideal.

If you are looking to purchase a cutting board for high frequency then it’s most ideal to buy a board which is extremely durable and not prone to scratching/chipping. These are usually the high quality products coming at higher costs. However if you prepare food unregularly then it’s not ideal to spend lots on a high quality board that won’t get designed usage.

Extra Features
Today’s cutting boards aren’t just suitable for cutting, and some boards provide additional unique features. For example the Roweca puzzle board are manufactured into a ‘jigsaw’ design which allows the possibility to arrange many boards together to act as one.

Plus the recent craze of using cutting boards in front of house service as serving boards. These products include a ‘juice groove’ which trap sauces, doubling it as a serving board.

As great as these features are, if you require to use the entire chopping board it’s unpractical to purchase cutting board with certain features using up vital space. When deciding what food cutting board to purchase, ensure you know exactly the purpose you wish it to fulfil.

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