Chopping Board – Marble Effect

The Marble Effect Food Chopping Board

Ideal for use in the Deli section, Front of House, or even in the Kitchen; our collection of marble effect polyethylene is a brand new attractive range of chopping boards. Whilst providing a unique design the marble effect also includes the benefits or any regular chopping board;

  • Non-absorbent to odours
  • Lighter weight for ease of carrying
  • Softer cutting surface; less prone to damaging knives
  • Dishwasher safe

Not only does this product model as a chopping board it can be used in front of house or even in display counters, due to the attractive marble effect.

Marble and granite are both very hard surfaces which will effectively damage your knifes, besides it is also prone to chipping and scratching; unlike our marble effect polyethylene products. Most marble cutting boards aren’t actually used for cutting, but for rolling dough on or performing similar tasks, therefore if you’re looking to buy for cutting use try our ‘marble effect’ products.

Want the best of both worlds with the practicality of the cutting board and the stylish effect of marble? Then our range of bespoke ‘marble effect’ boards will suit all your cutting needs. We provide four different styles of the marble effect, coming in either round, rectangular or oval shaped, including:

To find out more information regarding this range of products please visit our website and view our variety at  or email our sales team at [email protected].


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