Catering Sundries

To compliment our large range of food cutting surfaces, Row & Sons stock a range of catering sundries. Browse through our range of baskets, cutting board storage racks, wooden and melamin spoons, spatulas, rolling pins and paddles.

Catering Sundries to Complement Our Professional Range of Cutting Surfaces

Here at Row & Sons, we stock a wide range of professional catering sundries and accessories which are designed to complement the professional cutting surfaces of the products in our main catalogue.  This includes everything from food board storage racks through to wooden and plastic rolling pins.

Established in 1880 by Samuel Joshua Hodder Row, our family owned business has been producing hardwood food surfaces and butchers blocks for more than a century.

In 1972, Row & Sons introduced Rowplas; a premium quality plastic food surface that is extremely tough yet exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

In fact, we were the first cutting board and chopping board manufacturer to introduce the colour coded chopping board system to the UK.

Following this, we thought it would be a natural and obvious progression to extend our product catalogue by offering a complementary range of catering sundries.

Our present day catalogue includes everything from wooden pot stands and heavy duty stirring paddles, through to wooden spoons and helpful wall charts which illustrate the various colours employed in our widely used colour coding system for food preparation surfaces, designed to prevent cross-contamination in kitchen areas.

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