As leading UK manufacturers of butcher blocks and chopping boards, we provide a complementary range of catering and butchery accessories which can be viewed by clicking on the relevant images below.

Row & Sons stock a wide range of butchers and catering accessories and sundries which are designed to complement our main product line of wooden butchers blocks and traditional food chopping boards.

Popular products in this additional range of products include butchers accessories, such as block brushes and scraping blades, and catering sundries such as polyethylene rolling pins, heavy duty wooden stirring paddles, food baskets, plastic spoons and wooden pot stands.

We also stock an elegant range of Roweca food preparation and serving boards , which consist of wooden cutting board surfaces which can be supplied with or without covers.  These are excellent for serving and displaying delicatessen foods and are also suitable for front of house food presentation in hotels and restaurants.

For more detailed information on any of our products, please contact the sales team via [email protected] or 01206 396688 and we will be happy to assist.

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