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A member of the Partwell Group, Row & Sons was founded in 1880 by Joshua Row, to produce hardwood cutting surfaces and Butchers’ Blocks. Originally in Topsham, Devon, the company and the family relocated around the turn of the twentieth century to Hoxton in North London. It was incorporated in 1932.

The business remained in London until 1967 when a compulsory purchase order forced a move to Witham, Essex where it remained until 2005. The more recent move to a modern facility in Manningtree, Essex has allowed the company to survive difficult trading times and improve their production techniques and service to customers.

In 1972 Rowplas high density polyethylene cutting boards were first offered into the market and soon became a major part of the business. Today Row & Sons continues to work with both specialist hardwood and polyethylene.

Our staff are a mix of youth and experience. Many have spent more than twenty years working for Row & Sons and take a great pride in producing the highest quality product for which we are known.

As the leading manufacturer of “Professional Food Cutting Surfaces” in the United Kingdom, Row & Sons Ltd are continually striving to improve. Let us help you by supplying only the best.

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